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Kunming to explore the whole industry chain of agriculture to promote the plateau characteristic agriculture

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Urban farm construction in agricultural park, as the starting point of

Since this year, accelerating the development of modern agricultural park in Kunming City, the introduction of 7 projects, signed 9 projects, the goals and tasks itemized 8 modern agricultural park is issued at the beginning of the implementation of. The city's construction, the urban farm has a total investment of 4 billion 94 million yuan. This year, plan 9 urban farm project Yangzonghai CMC, Yiliang County, Xundian County, Shilin County and Wuhua District, Yiliang city sea meadow farm Kam, Dendrobium Eco Farm, ecological urban farm etc. the brilliance is passed, it will be strong advantage of characteristic agriculture for the city's bigger, in order to explore the &ldquo &rdquo agriculture; the whole industry chain; vitality new mode of development.

123 industrial integration and development

Promote the city's plateau characteristics of agriculture

“ the whole industry chain of agriculture ” refers to “ from field to table ” the whole industry chain link up. The second, even three, through the extension of industrial chain, promote industrial upgrading, to achieve quality and efficiency, which is the whole industry chain of agricultural function.

Kunming large population and agricultural resources, per capita less, how to promote the yield from the pursuit of quantity to quality and efficiency of both changes, explore “ &rdquo agricultural industry chain; new development mode, bigger and stronger competitive characteristics of agriculture? To accelerate the construction of key industrial parks, energetically develop the deep processing of agricultural products exhibition, fostering the growth of the manor economy, constantly improve the level of integration of the 123 industries, will accelerate the plateau is the only way which must be passed of characteristic agriculture.

The development of the industry, leading the need to lead. Through increasing investment, strengthen the core area of infrastructure construction, the city's core area of agricultural parks and infrastructure conditions continue to improve. Since 2012, the city started construction of urban farm pilot, the construction of urban farm by exploring into the development track, has become an indispensable part and the epitome of the development of modern urban agriculture in our city, the park development and urban farm agriculture growth gradually found &ldquo in large-scale industrial development and market the service needs of agriculture; with ”.

This year, the municipal government issued a support for the development of Kunming stone forest Taiwan farmers pioneer park views, clear 2014— in 2015, every year for the Taiwan Chong Park construction funding to support more than 10 million yuan, for Taiwan Chong Park Park infrastructure construction. In May, Shilin Taiwan Chong Park &ldquo ” two strokes; branch to complete the five northwestern provinces tourism promotion work, the first half of the domestic investment completed 175 million 440 thousand yuan, the annual target task number 50.13%, and achieved good results. At the same time, Taiwan Chong Park demonstration base, relying on the country rural popular science education base in Yunnan Province, with Yunnan Agriculture University, Qingdao Agricultural University, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences for strategic cooperation, the development of modern agricultural technology center construction project, technical personnel gathered together, improve the production, learning and research “ ” working mechanism, to speed up the industry to promote the project, accelerate the Xinglin Grand View Garden one, a town endowment, hot springs, leading Shi ecological pasture construction projects, completed wanjiahuan blueberry standardized production demonstration area, Haematococcus pluvialis culture production line and other projects, increase the Park farmers and training of employees, promote employment effectively, in the cultivation, breeding aspects led to the vicinity of farmers, improve the ability and level of science and technology to increase employment.

At present, the stone forest is to highlight the characteristics of the model construction of the park, Taiwan Chong Park became “ livable industry, should visit ” the modern agricultural park, to promote the successful demonstration of fusion development of agricultural tourism, Taiwan Chong Park has constructed the landscape ecological agricultural scenic and ecological park, Yunyan million Carnival impression, Cherry Valley manor garden Xinglin high-quality urban farm, become Shilin County after Karst, the natural wonders of Ashima national culture third tourism brand of Kunming City, a famous leisure tourist area, and gradually explore the whole industry chain &rdquo “ agricultural industry; the development of a new model.

Construction of the city started in the year

8 city farm

In addition to promoting the park economy, Kunming also actively build urban farm. Currently, Kunming city has approved the 48 farm projects. The 12 farm including wanjiahuan blueberry manor, a dragon city farm, Cai Gen Tan urban farm, Qiu Tian Yang Mei manor, good treasure organic farm, Pan Asia, Dongchuan Sun Valley landscaped city urban farm and Jinning County Dachunhe River Soil and water conservation science and technology demonstration park, Fang Lin Qingquan, vanilla winery, Wuhua Zhenfeng, urban farm Xinglin, Grand View Garden has been constructed, the remaining farms in agricultural industry development has begun to take shape, the demonstration effect is obvious.

This year, Kunming City, Yunnan province will also be proposed by the provincial government to develop special agricultural requirements, promote the healthy and rapid development of the city's farm construction work. The city will be based on agriculture, highlighting the characteristics of overall planning, rational distribution, local conditions, integrated development of the principle of integration of industrial base, agricultural park, large breeding resources and leading enterprises, considering the geography, climate, history, culture, market and other factors, the overall planning, comprehensive development, diversified development of agricultural manor, Yi is big, should adapt to its, Lin Zelin, suitable for farming, Yimuzemu, Yiyuzeyu, Yiguozeguo, should work, should tour the tour, and realize both the industry development model in industry, the organic unity of economic, ecological and social benefits. The municipal government will speed up the research put forward

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