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Yunnan agriculture to see spring xi"

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Sweet corn harvest year in

“ smell the corn and corn. ” “ the 508” multiple advantages integrated technology seed for farmers, labor saving, convenience, the most important is to the majority of farmers, a peace of mind, and a strong sense of trust.

Saturday (002291) in the fields in a quiet and peaceful home, Lu Biao Street Yi tou Cun, Anning City Zhao Guohua early in the morning came to the ground, and in their own side of the field, waiting for everyone to show his home of corn.

Anning City is richly endowed by nature “ treasure, mantis Chuan ” spring with “ the best in all the land soup ” well known for its rich mineral resources, make it a town again, relying on the industrial economy, writing a new chapter.

The proportion of much of the agricultural economy, tranquility municipal government in recent years on the part of the transformation of low yielding fields, due to overall poor soil fertility in Anning City, dry climate, annual rainfall of 1100 mm or less, crop varieties is more important.

“ nine of the units, from the base soil. ” in order to promote the peaceful city Daejeon seed yield and quality of the pace of the morning of September 15th, Yunnan spring agricultural technology group (hereinafter referred to as the spring group) in Paul Lubiao Town, Anning City organized a revitalization of maize “ 508” to observe the scene, invited near the hot springs Street, eight Street and Qinglong Street the street farmers and dealers to participate in the demonstration and discussion, warm atmosphere.

Excellent benefits


In recent years, due to the increasing of the economic value of vegetables, flowers and plants, the planting area of maize is not much. By the end of this year, six of the town under the jurisdiction of Anning City, corn planting area of more than 70 thousand acres, “ a town less than other counties! ” Anning City Seed Management Station agronomist Cao Fukun feel.

Not timely research and development to promote high and stable yield of new seed varieties, there is no peace of agriculture in the future, not to deeply understand the farmers, planting new varieties, the construction of new rural areas is just empty talk.

From the beginning of 2009, spring maize &ldquo group; the revitalization of 508” began to grow in Anning City, this year focused on the Lu Biao town more than and 10 acres of land, as the demonstration field. After nearly four months of cultivation, the revitalization of “ 508” let the people to produce a satisfactory answer.

In the exhibition site be in full swing, as the demonstration field growers, Zhao Guohua body in which he will harvest corn Le hehe, looked at the ground, with a happy smile.

At the beginning of May this year, he received the Spring Group donated &ldquo 508” revitalization; seed, and in spring group agents of the organization, and other farmers in uniform planting, because this year the peaceful rain until June, maize emergence is not very good, at first Zhao Guohua on this piece of land fertility, remote location don't expect too much.

“ my family has four acres of ‘ the revitalization of 508’ now looks sure to harvest more than other varieties, you look at this corn, cooked to the tip of the ” this year, 58 year old Zhao Guohua pleased to tell reporters. In the crowd came to watch, there are a lot of such farmers, for the “ the revitalization of 508” the performance of joy.

The people here are satisfied, the life here is rich. Green sea, ripe corn stand round package, ears also humbly bowed, and the mood of the people and the scene blend together to form a unique landscape.

“ revitalization of 508” high yield, whether to Anning City land planted in spring? Group of technical personnel, agricultural extension staff under the leadership of the local people, visiting around the “ ‘ revitalization of 508’ adaptability? ” &lsquo & ldquo; 508’ revitalization; lodging ” why? The hot topic of discussion.

By comparing the inspiration, the majority of farmers and dealers to further realize the revitalization of “ 508” is the new varieties through multiple tests, after planting more, yield were stable at 650 kg per mu, some areas can reach more than 800 kilograms per mu.

&ldquo concentrated in the rain season; the revitalization of 508” showed better resistance to pests and diseases, compared with other varieties of maize planted in the same area, it is not easy to mildew, not easy to get sick, reduce management costs for farmers.

And, because the revitalization of 508” “ plant height is not high, usually in the 2.1 meters, it has a strong lodging resistance ability, to ensure stable production.

At the same time, the majority of farmers and seed dealers also recognize, promote the cultivation of excellent seed yield, is beneficial to improve the living standards of farmers in Anning City under the jurisdiction of the township, is beneficial to the improvement of the traditional extensive, low tech planting pattern.

Farmer's interest is the fundamental

“ smell the corn and corn. ” to observe more than 50 farmers and dealers witnessed the revitalization of “ 508” good harvest, spring group will observe in the fields, the revitalization of “ 508” planting in Anning City land, but the harvest in the masses of the heart.

There are a total of more than and 60 varieties of corn seed planted in the tranquil City, but this year “ the revitalization of 508&rdquo

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